Thursday, 28 March 2013


Bob tells me this is a banana plant and hidden behind the leaves is a flower which resembles the bird of paradise flower but with white petals and about twice the size.
Every afternoon the clouds gathered over the mountains behind the resort and it was quite a challenge to try and capture the mistiness as they passed over the peaks with bits peeping out over the top.
One evening during our after dinner stroll in the garden I picked this twig from one of the shrubs and smuggled it up to our room to draw the next day.  It lasted a few days in fact and I added to the sketch as the bud grew and opened.  Since posting this drawing on I have discovered it's a Bauhinia and I have my worldwide sketching friends to thank for that info!
Another evening of hotel entertainment brought us these flamenco dancers and what an exciting spectacle with their castanets clacking and their heels drumming to traditional Spanish music.  I tried to take some photos but the light just wasn't good enough so I had to make do with a blurry picture and my memory!
Another view towards the mountains I decided to leave uncoloured for a change.