Friday, 22 March 2013


Every day we sat in a different place in the garden so I always had a different view to draw and even though these are the same buildings as the last one I posted yesterday I never got bored.
At 1225 every day the young Dutch animator Liann passed through the gardens calling out for volunteers to take part in the aquagym.  At first we didn't know what it was all about but having seen the ladies in the pool exercising one day I decided to have a go. I really enjoyed myself having never done anything like it before. I had always wondered what purpose those foam sausages served! Bob came along to take some photos and soon got teased for not joining in. 'Manyana' he said, until finally he gave in and had a whale of a time messing about with his noodle and pretending to be Spanish, German and Russian when Liann asked where people came from so she could instruct us in the correct languages.
The architecture was certainly a challenge to draw as I was usually looking up at it and seeing the undersides of the roof lines. That gazebo on top of the clock tower gave me a lot of trouble!
Our evening meals were served in a large restaurant and consisted of an amazing buffet which changed daily and featured different countries' foods, such as sushi, chinese, scandinavian, and Spanish of course.  Our favourite was the fresh fish cooked by a charming chef called Omar.  He soon got to know that Bob really loved his fish and cooked special pieces for us.  He teased Bob about having to sleep on the balcony after having some of his garlic sauce when I complained of his breath one morning!
This is one of my favourites of the hotel buildings, the only white one between the cream and pink ones.  It has lovely plants cascading down from the balconies and I can imagine the luxurious rooms behind those big windows.