Wednesday, 17 July 2013


This is the Pont d'Arc after which Vallon is named.  It is a spectacular sight on the river Ardeche, having been eroded over millions of years so that the water flows through.  When we left the town we drove along the gorges along the very windy road you can see on the map. It was very hard work for Bob going around all those hairpin bends but we saw some amazing views along the way.
While we were at Vallon I had some time to read and practise some exercises from the John Muir Laws book of drawing birds I had brought along for the holiday.
I had a lot of fun copying the pictures and trying to understand the structure of the bodies and the way the feathers grow.
There weren't many birds to be seen on the campsite apart drom a solitary sparrow searching for crumbs so I was pleased to have this to amuse myself.
I quite like the way the tinted pages have worked out with the drawings in sepia pen, white gel pen and colourbrush pens.  I also used a touch of coloured pencil and a white marker pen.

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