Friday, 19 July 2013


After a few days at Vallon we got itchy feet and moved on to Bagnols sur Cèze, a town on the west of the Rhone river in one of our favourite wine regions. The campsite was on the banks of the River Cèze.
The pitches were shaded with tall acacia trees full of birds that sang all day and there was even one, probably a nightingale, that kept going all night as well.
We had a corner plot so we saw everybody as they passed on their way to the shower block or to do their washing up. The campers here were mostly Dutch, maybe as a result of the Dutch owner who organised bridge tournaments for her compatriots. They don't tend to speak French, so seeing our French registration they were a bit stand offish unless we spoke to them in English!  We met an English couple who had been coming here for about 10 years in their caravan and thought how strange when there are so many other places to see in this wonderful country!
The River Cèze was so close that you could take your deckchair and sit with your toes in the water.  I spent a couple of afternoons drawing the views until it got too hot and I had to get back under the shade of the trees.
This tree was right next to our table and I had a couple of happy hours scribbling and painting it!
Just across the path we could see a field full of wild flowers which I collected to draw.  While we were in this area we cycled around the lanes and into town to get a feel for the landscape which was very gentle rolling hills covered with vines.  Of course we didn't leave without stopping at a 'cave' to buy a selection of the local brew grown in the next village!