Friday, 3 January 2014


I hope you all had excellent Christmas and New Year celebrations.  We've had a nice time here with a few sorties with friends and a few quiet days to get over the excesses too! 
 This little plant sits on our coffee table and is slowly opening it's pretty flowers which turn pale green after a few days.
I haven't done a lot of sketching in my black book but here's a catch up of what I drew before Christmas.  This Hydrangea flower was hanging on despite the wet weather so I brought it in to enjoy before it got washed away!
I started to plan my sister Juliet's birthday card with these sketches of some of the butterflies that I photographed in the summer as I wanted to do something original for her.
We had so many butterflies on our ivy bank right through to October as they love the nectar on the delicate flowers.  I picked a sprig to draw to try and understand the growth pattern and leaf shapes.
Here is the final result drawn in Pablo coloured pencils on stonehenge paper which has a lovely surface perfect for this medium.  Juliet was delighted with her card when she opened it on her birthday just before Christmas.