Wednesday, 8 January 2014


And now for something completely different. I like to draw portraits of my grandchildren every couple of years and I usually do them in a soft pencil from the Derwent drawing pencil collection as there are several sanguine and terracotta shades which suit portraiture. However I saw a drawing recently done in a sepia pen and decided to have a go.
I started with Kirsty, the eldest, copying a photo taken while we were skyping recently. I drew it freehand, measuring as I went but as you can see there were many errors which I noted at the side of the drawing. She has a wonderful smile but it's really hard to do justice without drawing the teeth. I read somewhere that it's best to only hint at them in a portrait as they dominate the face otherwise. 
 Next I had a go at little Jimmy copying the picture on the calendar Jo sent me for Christmas. I think I've overdone the shadows here but at least the teeth aren't so obvious!
I have a beautiful photo of my mother in a frame in my workroom so she was the next to get the pen treatment.  I can see lots of mistakes here too and I'll probably trace the outline of the faces in future to try and get a better resemblance. 
The one at the top of the post was the last one I did after changing to an ordinary gel pen and I think I prefer how it's turned out. I think Sarah won't be too disappointed to see it either, the reason I put it at the top. I just know Kirsty will hate the one I've done of her! 
I've got lots of lovely photos of Mum I want to have a go at so it's back to the drawing board!

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