Saturday, 11 January 2014


At long last after a very wet and windy few weeks the sun came out and the temperature warmed up enough to go out for a walk. On Thursday afternoon I set off down our lanes wading through the puddles and looking at what was going on in nature.  I saw the first primroses and the gorse was covered in flowers. I had decided to pick a sprig when my neighbour came along carrying her long hedge trimmer with the intention of collecting some ivy for her goats. She very kindly cut some for me and we stopped for a chat.  While we were talking I noticed the ferns moving in the breeze and the wonderful golden spores on the underside of the leaves which matched the yellow of the gorse.
In the morning we went into town for Bob's dental appointment and after a look around the shops I took a coffee in the cafe opposite the church. It looked lovely with the blue sky complementing the pink granite it's built from.  I had plenty of time to do this sketch although the arched doorway does look a bit narrower than reality!

This painting of Vaison la Romaine on hand made paper was the card I made for Bob's birthday last year.  It brings back lovely memories of summer exploring the 'Cotes du Rhone villages' wine region in Provence.