Sunday, 1 June 2014


I've been so busy drawing and posting the sketches from my tinted paper sketchbook (25) I forgot to post some of the other drawings in sketchbook no 24.  This is one I drew of a wooden key given to me about 60 years ago by my godmother and still cherished as it's full of memories of Sweden and Auntie Chris. We kept in touch right up to her death only a couple of years ago when she was well into her 90s.
When we visited Roussillon in Provence a few years ago I bought some of the local ochre and other pigments to make my own watercolour paints.  I have used them for the odd painting but recently they have been sidelined by the coloured pencils so I thought I ought to check them out and found that some of the colours had grown a little grey mildewy coat.  I cleaned it off and added some clove oil which acts as a preservative and did a test sketch in the book which now smells lovely every time I open it!
We invited some friends round for a meal recently to celebrate my birthday and I decided to draw the meal I had prepared.
This is the cover of sketchbook no 24, a lovely fairy fabric I found while we were in Sweden 2 years ago.  I've enhanced the stars with some 3D gold outliner that I also use to name and date the sketchbooks on the spine.