Thursday, 5 June 2014


I've finally finished the curtains for my new workroom and thought you might like to see where I now spend most of my spare time when I'm not outdoors.  This first photo was taken just inside the door and you can see the sloping roof and the edge of the first curtain.  The rest of the pictures carry on clockwise around the room.
This room was originally a second spare bedroom with a pair of single beds for grandchildren to sleep in but now we have the camping car any visitors can sleep there instead. The beds had been stacked up and piled with bedclothes and used as a general dumping ground and the rest of the room held ironing board, washing airer and lots of boxes of 'stuff.'
We had been sharing a study with our 2 computers side by side but one day Bob decided he would rather I took all my books, paper, paints etc and had a room to myself.  He said he was fed up with being interrupted when he was working when I started rummaging around looking for my crayons and sketchbooks so we cleared the room and the single beds are now piled up downstairs in the other spare bedroom along with the double bed which will soon be donated to charity
We collected together all my art materials which were all over the house in different cupboards and on shelves, moved one of the bookcases and one of the tables and set up a lovely L shaped worktable in this lovely sunny room.
I took the opportunity to photograph all my crayons and then all my paints laid out before they were stowed away.  I have lost count of how many crayons I've got, maybe better not to try!  That's an old cutlery holder from a dishwasher holding my pen collection, a good example of re-purposing (or never being able to throw anything vaguely useful away!)
We bought a set of inexpensive shelves from the DIY store and they are now intalled beneath the sloping roof on the other side of the room, finishing at the tiny fitted wardrobe that holds a lot of clothes waiting for re-modelling.
I'm in arty heaven now with all my materials to hand, sewing, painting or drawing at the drop of a hat.  I'd like a few more hooks on the wall to hang more pictures but with most of the vertical walls already covered and the slopes unusable I'll just have to make do with changing them from time to time.   I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into my world, I know other artists love to see how others work.