Friday, 27 June 2014


I found a couple more sketchbooks today that hadn't been checked for local drawings, my tiny moleskines had got to the bottom of the pile and missed out! So I thought I'd just add a few extras as they are all quite nice sketches drawn on location.  This first one was drawn from a cafe next to the church at Louannec, our next village along the coast.  We can just about see the church tower from home on a clear day.
I drew this sitting on a fallen tree on a walk down to the port for a haircut. The celandines had just started opening and made a lovely golden carpet along the edges of the path.  We often go along here to and from the port as it's shady in the summer and sheltered in the winter.
The marina itself is in a drying part of the harbour and has a very thick wall to hold back the water when the tide is out.  It's marked with tall yellow posts that show sailors where not to pass when the tide is in otherwise they would seriously damage the bottom of their boats!  There is a gate at the other end of the wall that opens when the tide covers the wall.
Just over the road from the marina there is a children's boating lake where there are replica lifeboats and ferries for the kids to sail during the summer season.  In the winter it's rather a bleak place with the only colour coming from the marker buoys.
This is the view from the tertre at La Clarté out towards the Sept Iles which translates as the seven islands.  There are only 5 in actual fact, the other 2 being very large rocks best avoided when sailing by!