Saturday, 7 June 2014


Last week I collected the books I had lent to a friend and after a browse through them I was re-inspired to do something different.  The books were Artists Journal Workshop by Cathy Johnson and Watercolour techniques with pen and ink by Claudia Nice.  I decided to have a change of medium for a few days and to do some work in my other sketchbook, no 24, which is filled with pale coloured mi-tientes paper.  This sketch of  magpies and a feather were done in a fine black micron pen and the background is a sky blue Polychromos coloured pencil.
This phalaenopsis orchid has survived about 3 years now and keeps on surprising us with it's wonderful flowers. They are pink but the micron pens I have are only red, blue and green so I had to improvise.  I sat and drew it in the evening while watching the TV.
I found a yellow micron brushpen in the collection so I added it to give the sunlit look to this palm in the garden.
We had oysters for lunch on Sunday and I couldn't resist keeping one of the shells to draw later  in the afternoon.  Thier shapes are fascinating with all the different layers which remind me of a flamenco dancer's dress.
I've had a lot of fun this week using some different materials, the micron pens are very fine, quite different to the coloured pencils I've been using for the last few months which give a much bolder line and colour. 
Anybody interested in starting an artists journal should invest in Cathy Johnson's book, it's full of ideas for tools and layouts as well as subjects to draw.

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