Saturday, 30 January 2016


I moved back home to my Mum's house with the girls in May 1970 and spent a couple of months staying in and trying to get my life back together.  One evening I decided to go out and put on this outfit in what is still my favourite colour combination.  By sheer chance I bumped into some old school friends and was taken to a pub where I met a new group of people, one of whom was Bob.
I wore this outfit to the first party I went to with Bob soon after we met and he even remembers it from time to time. I had kept myself occupied with the crochet work in the weeks before after leaving my first husband.

By Christmas in 1970 we were a couple and I made this special evening dress for the dinner dance Bob had organised for his rugby club.  The fabric was a lovely heavy crepe that hung beautifully and I even dyed some shoes to match.

Of course  having two daughters was wonderful for me, being able to make their frocks out of the left-overs of my dresses.  They were never short of something pretty to wear.  The frilly blue and red check one Joanna is wearing was originally my maternity dress when I was expecting Justine and was bought for me by my darling granny.

In 1971 Bob and I took a fortnight's holiday in Ibiza and I had a lot of fun preparing my wardrobe and making these bikinis from scraps of fabric and 3 plastic rings to hold the triangles together.

Yellow seems to have been one of my favourite colours at that time, although I very rarely wear it now.  This cotton trouser suit was perfect for our wonderful first holiday together.