Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Today is Jimmy's 4th birthday and here is this year's card I made for him.
When Jo and Jimmy came to stay last August we went to the circus and I took plenty of photos with the idea of using them as inspiration for his card.

I started with the background, painted in watercolour on a stiff rough paper.  The sides are in red card folded into a concertina with about 2 centimetres for each fold to which I added the layers as they were made.
First at the back is the lioness in her cage. I made her stick her head through the bars, I wonder if Jimmy will notice that?

The ringmaster comes next with his horse who trotted around and jumped over bars.

The acrobat was very young and brave doing her moves high in the air on a hoop and the clown was a young girl too.  I think Jimmy was quite taken with her and some of her jokes and antics.

I built up the card in the layers and it wasn't till I had finished that I noticed that the acrobat was upside down!  As she was attached by a ribbon it was easy to turn her over but too late for the scans so you'll just have to imagine her the other way up!
I hope Jimmy remembers our fun afternoon at the circus when he sees this card.