Saturday, 9 January 2016



I've had a lot of fun this week binding some more books for Justine's garden party in April and I remembered that I haven't shown you the last book I made in 2015.
It's a photo album I made especially for my niece Esther who spent her last term of history studies at university there.  She had lots of pictures she wanted to put together in a special book.

I used black drawing paper stitched in such a way that each page was stitched close to the edge leaving a half inch tab to give the extra depth to account for the photos. I used the sheets of tissue that come in pastel paper pads as dividers and found some beautiful fabric for the cover and printed one of her pictures onto a piece of fabric as a centrepiece.

For the title page I was inspired by another photo of the colonnades and added the skyline and lettering in coloured pencil.  Esther was delighted with the result and now she's back in Venice again, working now as she's finished her course with excellent grades.

These are the books I made this week, filled with drawing paper and covered in some lovely fabrics and contrast spines.  I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to some more next week as the garden party will be on a Sunday and Justine is hoping to have many more visitors than previously.