Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bookbinding part 2

I'm slowly assembling what I need to bind my own journals and Bob is helping with ideas for making a book press from floorboard offcuts and wingnuts and bolts.  I've collected the glue and thread from Anne and rearranged the back bedroom as a workshop.  Anne has also given me some very interesting ideas for different styles of covers.  I'm amazed at how busy she is as a bookbinder in a tiny village, she has got some fascinating projects of restoration and can't ever see herself going into retirement!
Yesterday I tore up 25 sheets of mi-teintes paper to make into sketchbooks.  I had bought a lot of lovely pale pastel colours from a local art department that is closing down.  Next step will be the stitching of the pages into book inners in different sizes  and deciding on the covers. 
I have a collection of patchwork fat quarters and other bits and pieces to use and I've also been eyeing up a few old shirts as potential covers, anything is possible.  It's a shame they don't have charity shops over here otherwise I could find all sorts of useful old clothes to cut up!

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