Sunday, 6 January 2013

Le Lavoir de mez gouez

In this part of Brittany, on the Cote de Granite Rose, there are many lavoirs.  These are places where spring water bubbles out of the ground and have been used for canturies for drinking and washing water.  In the towns a structure is often built around the source to make it easier for the inhabitants to use.  Out in the country they are left natural and the water forms a stream through the rocks.

This one is near to our home and we often take our walks down the pretty lanes through the woods.  One day I decided to go and sketch there and set off with my equipment only to find my quiet corner over run with cyclists and bikes.  They were a group being shown the sights by a leader who told stories of local history.  I sat down and started to draw and listened to the tales of spirits while a curious boy climbed the bank behind me to see what I was doing.  Afterwards some of them gathered around to look and were complimentary about the picture, saying what a nice way to record nature.  I drew this second picture at home adding another drawing of the split tree with flowers growing out of the fork
This cluster of pine cones feel off the tree I sat beneath  while I was drawing.


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