Monday, 30 September 2013


Luba and Hervé have grown some wonderful vegetables in their garden, she's especially proud of her pumpkins and this grapefruit sized one was a recent gift.
I couldn't resist drawing it twice in my different sketchbooks but I think I prefer the tinted paper one.
We have been busy gardening today on a very warm afternoon.  The grass is making up for it's slow growth in the summer by going crazy now!  I usually take the clippings to the dechetterie (dump) where they make all the garden waste into compost which is freely available to residents of Perros.  People have been very busy deadheading their hydrangeas and agapanthus and I'm amazed at some of the beautiful blooms to be found discarded so I often pick out a few to bring home and enjoy.
The butterflies are still swarming in the garden and although the buddlea flowers are now nearly over  the ivy has just started blooming and is alive with them and the buzzing of bees.