Wednesday, 17 December 2014


It's that time of year again and I've been very busy writing my Christmas cards. 
When we first came to France I had a good supply of printed cards from my years as a card sales agent in England so I didn't find out straight away that the French are not big card senders.
When I went to buy some I couldn't find anything suitable so I decided to start designing and painting my own.  I searched my photos for suitable images and came up with the pictures taken at the summer festival in Perros.
I made copies in my sketchbook and them transferred the images to drawing paper.  I simplified the figures to make them easier to reproduce in quantity.
Then I had a lot of fun painting them in various colours, using brush pens and markers.
I purchased ready made blank cards with matching envelopes from the local stationery store and stuck my pictures on to them
I had a lot of fun doing this and trying to match pictures to recipients when I started on the writing.
For the message on the inside I wrote the words with a red or black calligraphy pen depending on the colour of the card.
I think all my friends and family like to receive thes hand made specials and now the challenge is to come up with something different every year. These Breton costumes were my cards for 2009.