Thursday, 11 December 2014


I've been scribbling away for weeks in my current sketchbook, no 28, and forgetting to post the pictures on my blog, although some of you who are facebook friends will have seen some of these already.
I have started a new Facebook page, open to all, with the same name as the blog where you can keep up to date with my drawings as I do them.  I have tried to do the link but I can't seem to copy the address from facebook's little box!  If you are on Facebook just type in the name 'Colours in the Breizh' and I hope you'll get there! 
 And please don't forget to 'like' the pictures so I know you've been to have a look!
This sketchbook is one I made in the double pamphlet style with a mixture of odd papers in my (rather large) collection as well as a set of samples from Strathmore.  I also found an old book of pastel papers that I didn't like very much.
But now they are all bound in a book I have challenged myself to use the colours as they come and try to co-ordinate the colours of the drawings.  By that I mean I didn't want to jump pages just because I didn't like the colour.
These Ingres papers have really grown on me as they are perfect for coloured pencil, just because the label says it's for pastels doesn't mean they are they only medium you can use, besides I do not like pastels because they are so messy!
I've used a mixture of Inktense and Museum pencils as well as different pens including a white Pentel pigment gel ink pen with a 1.0 mm ball tip.  I've found it to be the best for strength of colour and longevity.  Cheaper ones dry out before the ink is all used up.
I have left out a few of the less successful drawings done for practise with the Derwent line painters as I think I need to work on using them a bit more! 
Hope you've enjoyed this little ramble, I do love to read your comments so please keep them coming!