Wednesday, 31 December 2014


For my last post of 2014 I wish all my followers and readers a very happy and healthy New Year and lots of creative fun too!

I've been busy making birthday cards again as there are quite a few at this time of year. 

First of all my darling sister Juliet had one of those big ones with a nought on the end so I had to make something special for her.

She visited Provence last summer to see the lavender fields and sent me a lovely postcard with a similar image to this on it.

So I decided to turn it into a 3D version with all these layers building up to a beautiful view across towards the mountains.  I finished up by sticking on a few dried lavender stalks up the sides which smelt wonderful.

Grandson Jimmy's birthday is in January and as he's only 3 I don't think he'll get to see this.  He loves dressing up in his pirate outfit so I hope this will make him smile with the parrot hanging down teasing the crocodile!

Bob's birthday is on Christmas day and I made this in honour of the new garden sheds we built this year in the garden.  I copied the tools in 3 layers and used orange card to make the frame.  He was very pleased and surprised when he opened it!