Sunday, 7 December 2014


After posting all the portraits of my granddaughters I thought it was time to complete the set with some pictures of Jimmy my grandson.  Here he is only a few hours old drawn for his dad's birthday card in 2012.  I used my Pablo coloured pencils on a smooth paper.
I went to stay with the new little family a couple of weeks later and had lots of opportunities to sketch him while he slept. This is in a tiny moleskine sketchbook which I always kept in my handbag.
Jo is a lovely mum to her new baby, putting in a lot of effort to feed him when he was tiny and now he's a good eater, loves his food!
8 months later I returned for another visit and found a lively little boy who was only still when he was asleep. This was drawn while we were driving home after a shopping trip. 
Another visit and another car sketch but this time they came here to France and we had so much fun together that I only managed this one on the way to the airport for their return flight.
This was drawn for Jo's birthday in 2013 from a lovely photo I took while they were here earlier in the year.  This time I used ingres paper and a venetian red and a white drawing pencil.
The latest portrait was drawn this year for Jimmy's dad James's birthday and already he has changed since having his golden curls cut off so that now he looks like a proper little boy.  I'll soon be looking out for another photo to keep up with the changes that happen so fast at this age!

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