Sunday, 4 January 2015


The Facebook group I belong to has set up a challenge for the month of January.  The subjects have all been chosen and it's quite a challenge to make my own interpretation. 
These pencil stubs are in the bottom of my odds and ends pencil tin and are too small to sharpen or to hold to use but I can't bear to part with them.  It's been suggested that I could make them into some jewellery.

My favourite book was very hard to choose but I settled on one that I look at most frequently which has some lovely water coloured illustrations.

The subject on day 3 was industrial and I decided to depict a piece of historical equipment we saw at the old ochre factory museum at Roussillon.  I painted it using homemade watercolours mixed from pigments bought at the museum shop.

The animal subject had me thinking about our pet dog, Suzette.  She was a lovely pet, easy to teach tricks and I had a lot of fun walking her in my early teens, a good way to meet boys!