Friday, 30 January 2015


First of all I want to thank all the people who visited me from the Grow your blog party, I'm delighted to have met all of you and thank you for joining my blog as followers.  I tried to thank you all on the comments but not all the replies were published by Google, don't know why.  I hope you'll find lots to interest you here throughout the year.
I'm coming to the end of the January challenge, in fact I've already done tomorrow's sketch because I know we're going to be busy decorating tomorrow.

Every day a subject was chosen by Palma Rea, another member of the Artist's journal workshop Facebook group I belong to.  Some of them were not something I would have chosen to draw but sometimes it's necessary to get out of your comfort zone.

This particular one went completely wrong when the pen I was using decided to flood and drop blobs all over the page and the one opposite.

I have tried Zentangling before but it's not really my thing being very regimented and tidy.  I think I much prefer a bit of looseness with my coloured pencils.  I had to crop this sketch because the red ink from the day before was all up the left hand side!

This is my favourite type of subject, nature, I had to re-interpret the subject for the day to get back in my comfort zone! At least with floral subjects I can please myself how detailed I do the work.

The transport subject had me searching for an image through the photo albums and when I came upon this one it took me back to the banks of the river Tarn, at Millau where the famous modern bridge has been constructed to span the gorge.

Today the subject is something ancient and another trawl through the albums took me to Mont St Michel which we have visited several times now, including last October when we had a wonderful time cycling along the river to see this amazing monument.

The last subject is arches and I've always been fascinated by cathedral cloisters.  I've been wanting to draw this scene for some time and finally I got the impetus to get around to it. 
You might have noticed by the numbering that there are a couple of day's sketches missing and there's a good reason for this.  They are part of my new sketchbook which will be the subject of my next blog in a few day's time so watch this space!

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