Saturday, 10 January 2015


It's been a busy week here getting the house and ourselves back to normal, swimming 3 times to try and get fit and the challenge has had to be slotted in during the early evenings. I copied this from one of my paintings that hangs on the wall in the lounge.  Every day after I've scanned the sketch I post it on the Artist's Journal workshop Facebook page as do all the other people participating in the challenge.  This picture got a total of 52 likes!

I tried to relate the sketches to our life here in France although the instructions said that it was ok to use photos, I much prefer to draw from life like these walnuts from our tree in the garden.  95 likes!

The 'favourite painting' topic had me scratching my head till I looked up and saw this picture that has been with us for 30 years and I never tire of looking at.  22 likes.

This subject was meant to be a 'Turkish' teapot which I've never heard of so I drew one of my favourite pottery pieces instead.  This achieved 81 likes, people seem to like the tinted paper very much.  I've had this Ingres paper for years in a spiral bound pad and hardly used because I hate spiral binding but it came to life for me when I bound it into a new mixed paper sketchbook I made last year.

Last night's challenge was coins or bank notes, not a subject that particularly inspired me so I left it all day while I got on with another project.  The sketch was done rather hurriedly while the dinner was cooking and I don't really like it, reflected in only 12 likes on the group page.