Wednesday, 14 January 2015


A friend gave me a beautiful ormer shell recently and after sketching it a few times I drew this for him as a new year card.

Sketchbook no 28 is slowly getting filled, it's got far more pages in it than usual because of the mixture of thin as well as thicker papers.  I'm not getting bored with it though as the next page is always a surprise!

This version is on a pale grey ingres pastel paper that is a delight to use with my Museum coloured pencils.  Have I mentioned these before?!!!  I seem to use them all the time now for their richness of colour and the ease of washing for a watercolour effect.

I have a lovely view over the garden from our dining table and Bob has to put up with me dashing off for the binoculars whenever something interesting appears.  These long tailed tits flitted in and out one day only staying till the local magpie appeared and frightened them off.  I copied the images from my favourite book, the Readers Digest book of birds, you might have seen it on my first January challenge post.

This is my Christmas picture, drawing a candle holder that's been around for years and only now have I thought to try to sketch it.  I think it might make a nice Christmas card sometime in the future.

We bought a pot of azaleas this year for our Christmas plant and it's still delighting us with it's vibrant flowers.  You can see the versatility of those pencils here, they look like watercolour paint when I take the colour off the tip with a wet brush instead of drawing directly on the paper.

And finally a frosty morning that had me standing in the bathroom in my dressing gown trying to capture the pink sky before it faded!