Saturday, 17 January 2015


Another very busy week with lots of swimming and odd jobs to do so the drawing got pushed to the evening on most days.  I picked a handful of herbs for last Saturday's challenge.  I am much happier drawing from life rather than from photos and I had a lot of fun trying to replicate the soft bluey green of the sage leaves in the museum pencils.

We went to lunch with our friends on Sunday and I managed to draw the courses as they appeared and then got out my little tin of stubs to colour the sketches while we drank our coffee.

This was fun as I had the chocolate to eat as soon as I finished!

Didn't enjoy this one at all! I have a book I bought years ago as inspiration for pictures for my granddaughters and used it quite a lot for their birthday cards but I think I've moved on now towards more natural subjects.

On Monday evening I was invited to the Town mayor's new year speech and came away full of enthusiasm for our beautiful home town.  This is copied from the latest tourist guide I picked up to depict a "station balnéaire"  as my interpretation of the day's subject.

How many wild flowers could you find on a nature walk today?  I had to leave out the yarrow and a yellow weed as there wasn't enough space! 

Black and white  magpies and silver birches are what I see from my window every day and a perfect subject today on this gorgeous purple paper!