Tuesday, 16 April 2013


When we first moved to France I had a good supply of greetings cards which had been my samples when I was a sales agent.  When I had used them up I went shopping for more but soon realised that the French don't send many cards and I would have to start making my own.  The first few were not recorded as I had no thoughts of the future and they were probably pretty bad anyway! 
Then Esther lent me her Flower Fairy compendium full of gorgeous illustrations, just the right size to trace and use for the girls' birthday cards and I was overwhelmed with choices.  These first ones had a back made to look like wings and I had a lot of fun painting and paper folding and punching out the corners as snowflakes.
I tried to choose fairies that suited the personalities of the recipient and their favourite colours.  This is Steph's and the yellow one is Sarah's.
When Juliet and her family came here to live she decided to start to work as an agent selling cards, having also spotted the gap in the market, especially for ex-pat Brits.  She told me that she really loved the job, particularly the cold calling on new accounts, one of my least favourite parts of the work.
Of course, having entrusted me with her book Esther had to have a fairy card as well and I found out her favourite by looking at the book together and discussing the different pictures.  When the family returned to England I was sorry to have to part with this wonderful source of inspiration but now of course I have my own computer and the internet!