Tuesday, 9 April 2013


After my post on Sunday I found a copy of my drawing of Douchka and Rex so I thought I'd put a post together of all the other dogs I've drawn.
The one on the left is Douchka who was bitten by the adder.   Her brother Rex was given to one of the workers on the vineyard so he still sees his mother every day.
This is Buster who belongs to Ivor and Janet, my brother and sister in law.  He's a great character and loves chasing rabbits and barking at cows, although he's really frightened of them and runs away when they turn to look at him.
Ivor and Janet each received a portrait of Buster for their birthdays a few years ago.
A couple of years ago another canine member joined their family called Jessie, a rescue dog.  She's  a very gentle sheepdog who always tries to keep us together when we're out walking together and get split up into groups.  She loves diving into muddy streams and then has to be told to swim in a clean pond to wash off the mud!
This is another doggy family member belonging to Peter, Bob's other brother.  I'm not sure of his name but I do know he's a Jack Russell and really made me jump last time we visited by barking loudly from his kennel in the garden!