Monday, 1 April 2013


I drew this on the last morning of our holiday.  The hotel had a large outdoor eating area, shaded with old olive trees and an arrangement of long metal planters overhead filled with geraniums which spilled over the sides and astroturf  so that looking down on it from above in the lift or from a balcony it looked like a garden in the air.  We didn't take any meals outside, having settled in our normal area inside with our lovely Vera.
I had more time later to draw this palm after a long chat with Lianne when she came to say goodbye.  She very sweetly said how much fun she had had when Bob took her aquagym classes, breaking the ice and making everyone laugh!
Our paradise flowers opened a little more before we left and I'm sure the next occupants of our room would have enjoyed them too.  At the airport on the way home we saw bunches of these for sale for only 10 euros!  I didn't think they would have survived the journey despite being quite well wrapped and anyway it's nice to keep the memories through my sketches.  All in all we had the best hotel holiday we've ever had and are looking forward to returning next year.  I had lots of time for drawing which made me very happy and Bob happy too because I was content to sit quietly instead of having itchy feet to go on bus trips and long walks!