Wednesday, 24 April 2013


It didn't take me long to realise that fairies were unsuitable for the boys in the family so I went back to the bookshop and found a fabulous book called 'Dragon Art' by J-NeonDragon-Peffer on how to draw these fantatric creatures. In 2007 this is the card I painted for Sebastian and also a Christmas card for Kevin and Justine.
This is the one I did in 2010.  I think I have done several others but I don't have a record of them.
In the meantime I found another wonderful book called 'Fantasy art workshop' by John Howe who was one of the conceptual designers for the Lord of the rings film trilogy. This knight was on Seb's card in 2009.
This picture from the frontispiece was Esther's card in 2009.  I loved all the books I had bought so much I bought copies of them for Kirsty (John Howe) Steph (Dragon art) and a fairy one for Sarah. I know they have used them to learn how to draw over the years and to share the books too!
Another knight painting I have used a couple of times came from a magazine about King Arthur and his connection with Brittany.

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