Sunday, 14 April 2013


After drawing all those pretty pet cats, I thought I should have a go at some big ones!  This is the first of a series I did for Sarah, inspired by a John Waterhouse painting and done in watercolour enhanced with some glitter highlights.
In 2010 I followed up with this snow leopard who refuses to stand up so you'll have to look at him sideways!  (I've tried 4 times to post him vertically as he is on my files but he still turns on his side!)
At least the lion is behaving, despite his grumpy face!  These last 2 were done in pastel pencils on velour paper which is quite tricky to handle as you can't erase errors easily and it soon loses it's velvety surface.
Last year I drew Sarah this zebra, which is one of my favourite pictures, I hope she keeps it safe as I'll probably never be able to do the like again!  This one is done in Derwent drawing pencils with the black dissolved with solvent to give that rich dark background.

Last year I drew this tiger for Trish in graphite as she's crazy about animals and graphite drawings.  All the images are copied from the internet so I don't think I've infringed any copyright rules especially as they are not for sale, only drawn for pleasure.
Another of Trish's cards, a wolf, as they are another of her favourites.

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