Monday, 22 April 2013


I soon realised that I would have to find a new inspiration for the girls' cards and bought a book about painting the world of fairies.  The book showed many different styles by several artists and I liked the work of Linda Ravenscroft the best.  This is the first card I made in watercolour with the flames collaged on the front for Kirsty.
These wonderful images also followed my theme of trying to match to the girls' personalities and appearance.  I can just imagine Steph growing up a bit like this, she's a quirky person and I won't be at all surprised if she turns up one day with tattoos!
 This one for Justine is one of my favourites, she's a keen gardener so the flowers are appropriate and the fairy looks very pensive.  (She's probably planning her next craft project!)
Sarah is very fond of climbing trees and her birthday is in November so the autumn theme seems right.  She still has this on her bedroom wall.
Juliet's a Christmas person and this one has a festive feel to it, I love the green and purple combination.
Not a birthday card but a special I painted for Jo when she took part in the Moonwalk, a night time walking marathon in aid of breast cancer research.  She completed the course and raised over £1000 dressed in a bra decorated with flowers and red jogging trousers.