Saturday, 8 March 2014


I started looking out my holiday things testerday and came across another sarong I bought in Skiathos at least 22 years ago, hardly worn since I acquired another one from Justine.  Aha, I thought, just right for another conversion so early this morning I made the sketch and set to with my scissors.
I laid another beach cover up over the top and cut around it leaving the bottom as it was because the pattern finished rather nicely with a black stripe. It was a piece of cake to stitch the shoulders, sides, bind the neck and turn up the hems and now I have a new loose top to wear over my swimming costume.
Here are a few more of my college sketches.
I made this coat to go over the skirt with the scalloped waistline I posted yesterday.
And finally a portrait of me copied from a 1966 photo proudly sporting my Vidal Sassoon haircut.