Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Our hotel was called 'Jardines del Teide' named after the volcano that formed the island millions of years ago.  It lives up to the garden theme too with fabulous gardens that stretch down the hillside interspersed with all the stairs and walkways dropping 6 levels from the street entrance.  Many of the rooms were situated on these levels, each with their own terrace to catch the sun. Fortunately there were 2 banks of lifts to get back up the hill although we didn't find them till the second day after climbing all the way back!
The Spanish have a very good way of developing their resorts and there is always a 'paseo' or coastal walkway joining up neighbouring places. In the south of Tenerife you could walk all the way from Playa los Americas to La Caleta (if you had the stamina!) passing all the hotels, bars and restaurants along the way.  The areas vary considerably with the cheaper end (Playa l A) being overrun by ticket touts and people accosting you to eat in their restaurants, go on their boats etc. Costa Adeje where were is a bit more upmarket and far more pleasant for a stroll.  It took us a good half hour to walk northwards to La Caleta, a small fishing village just beyond Costa Adege but well worth the effort as we found some very pleasant little restaurants and bars for a coffee or lunch.
Every evening the hotel put on some sort of entertainment and I was looking forward to seeing some traditional flamenco dancing. I was not disappointed and the 3 ladies really put in a lot of effort with their stamping feet and swirling dresses.
Many years ago my parents had a holiday in Spain and brought back some castanets which we never managed to master but these dancers were clacking away all the time in different rhythms.
We used the swimming pool on the 5th level as it was nearer to our room on the 8th floor.   The other, larger, pool was at the bottom of all those steps so I guess we were a bit lazy but it was quite nice not to have to go too far dripping after our exertions in the aquagym!