Friday, 28 March 2014


This banana plant was growing next to my sunbed by the pool so I spent a while drawing it, I think the flowers ended up a bit on the large size but I love the shape of them, similar to the bird of paradise flowers. Funny to think how these flowers end up as a bunch of bananas!
The Saturday in the middle of our holiday was a carnival day and entertainment was put on all day by the hotel animations team, who dressed up in suitably wild costumes. At 1230 we were enthralled by a team of acrobats by the lower pool followed by this group uf slim dark ladies doing the samba and other exotic dances.  They encouraged the guests to join in too, cue Bob trying to hide!  The music and fun carried on in the evening and fun was had by all.
We met a charming Belgian couple, Robert and Christiane who always sat in the same place by the pool.  One day we were on the opposite side so I could secretly draw them as they read their books. Later I showed them what I had done and they were quite pleased to be drawn, especially Robert who was a great card trick and joke master and Christiane said I made her look slim!
I'm always on the lookout for wild flowers when we go away and these were everywhere in the pavement cracks and growing on the open spaces.  They gave a lovely spot of colour in what would otherwise have been barren places. The plants are similar to sorrel but the flowers are much larger and brighter in colour.
Of course I was on the lookout for more sarongs to convert and I was not disappointed when we visited the market on the first Thursday. I acquired a lovely red and orange cotton and viscose one for 10 euros and designed this dress which I planned to make with a bra type top.  When I got it home I found there was enough fabric to make a proper sundress with short sleeves and it's cut out now ready to sew on the table in my workroom so as it's raining this afternoon I'm off to get stitching right now!
So I'll see you later!

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