Sunday, 25 August 2013


 I was always on the lookout for pottery in my travels as a rep so when I found this lovely solid mug in one of my customer's shops I just had to buy a couple.  Luckily it had the place of origin on the base which was at Iden pottery in Rye.  So on my next visit to this delightful historic town I found the pottery and bought two more smaller mugs for coffee to go with the big tea ones.  These all lived on the boat and were used daily and still are at home now the boat is sold.
Grayshott Pottery was one of my best and favourite customers, being regular buyers of several of the collections I carried as a sales agent.   The buyers there, Sue and Sylvia, were charming and we spent many afternoons together looking at my wares and choosing what they would stock in the gift shop from stationery, jewellery, cards, toiletries and picture frames. I often stopped for lunch in the restaurant with Julia, another rep friend who arranged her appointments so we could meet up occasionally.  I bought this soup set of 6 bowls and a tureen one Christmas and like everything else it's in constant use for salads as well as soups!
I love this bowl from Selborne pottery, it's made from a thinner clay so has a more delicate feel to it.  The design is beautiful with swirling leaves a slight gold speckles in the glaze.  The village of Selborne nestles in the Hampshire hills and is famous for the house of Gilbert White, a famous naturalist who recorded the flora around his home.  The pottery is still working today and Justine tells me that they have a stall in Guildford high street market from time to time as well as selling on the internet.
This set is a tiny pair from a craft shop I found, when I was supposed to be working, in Henley on Thames.  A girl's got to something in her lunch hour!
This coffee cup and saucer were made by the wife of one of Bob's colleagues at Sigmex and he used it every day at the office.

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