Saturday, 31 August 2013


My dad was a keen collector of blue Wedgwood and I have grown up with the collecton in my family home as well as my own when I took it over after my mum died.
There is a set of Edward VII commemorative teapot, jug and sugar bowl to go with the pair of pint mugs.
They live on top of the bookcases and the welsh dresser and give a splash of bright colour in our cool almond green lounge.
This is a pretty jug with different flowers on both sides.
Another jug and one of a pair of candlesticks depicting what look like Roman or Greek mythological scenes.
This large bowl has hunting scenes around the sides and as you can see it has been in the family for at least 60 years!  These were all drawn using a watercolour brushpen with 2 different ends, one a fine fibre tip and the other a paintbrush.