Sunday, 18 August 2013


This is a lovely wine flask we bought for Bob's dad's 65th birthday which he cherished on his mantlepiece for many years. Later, when mum had to trade down to a bedsit, she gave it back to us for safekeeping as she didn't have room to store it.  I researched it's history from the mark on the base and found it came from Cornwall, though I'm sure we bought it in Reigate.
I forget the origin of the left hand jug but I know the right hand one came from Gien on another of our trips to central France.
The teapot that matches it sits on the living room windowsill still, I love the colours and the dotty finish.
This bread crock came from a kitchen design shop in Folkestone where I had been trying to sell the proprietors an instant credit scheme during my days as a rep for a finance compny.  I don't think they bought but I spent £25 and struggled out with this heavy pot as well as my brief case!
Canterbury was in the area I covered as a rep and in my lunch breaks I had time to look around this historic city.  The pottery is opposite the cathedral entrance in a tiny narrow old building with the potter's wheel in a room behind the shop.  Over the years I got to know the potters very well and usually bought something whenever I had the time to call in. This plant pot is very typical of their style. They still sell their beautiful pottery on the internet today.