Friday, 23 August 2013


I made a change of theme on Christmas day, in fact I cheated by drawing it on Christmas eve. These wild garlic flowers were blooming so profusely on the roadside next to these lovely wild arum leaves, that I couldn't resist bringing them home to record in my journal.
This pretty little jug comes from Hay-on-Wye where Rosi moved to with her family in search of peace after many years living and working in London.  We had a lovely time, 2 sisters browsing all the book and craft shops and every time I see it on my shelf I think of her.  She was a very talented artist and architect and loved to try her hand at anything crafty.  At that time she had taken up weaving and was thinking of getting some sheep to use their wool. She did get her sheep at their next home but never achieved her dream of spinning and weaving her own fabrics.
I love this honey pot for it's shape and colouring and the memories of a very wet day in Guernsey when we searched out the pottery down a very narrow lane. 
This is another of Bob's French acquisitions.  He was introduced to snails at the Hotel de la Poste in Saint Amand and brought the complete set back including shells and a tin of snails and 2 tongs and forks to eat them with!
A little holiday souvenir from a lovely trip to Portugal.  I later found out that my Mum's family lived there in Carcavelos in the 1920s and 2 of my uncles, John and Michael were born there.

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