Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Now we are at home with lots of gardening to catch up on there has been less time for sketching but I have managed a bit now and then.  This feather was lying in the drive when we returned from Provence so I put it in a safe place till I could draw it.  The spotted woodpecker lives in our next door neighbour's garden and I can often hear him but he very rarely comes to feed here.
This poor butterfly must have been trapped in the house because I found it on the windowsill with the wings folded the wrong way.  I had to carefully unfold it so I could draw the different patterns on each side.
Last week our friend Hervé and his Belorussian wife, Luba came to lunch with her 2 Canadian granddaughters. We had a lovely time in the evening walking down our lane and collecting over 30 different wild flowers. I was amazed at the variety as on first glance there looked to be very few blooms at this time of year.
A couple of days later Luba gave me a marrow HervĂ© had grown with instructions how to stuff it with rice.  We ate it last night stuffed with some left-over curry and a tasty vegetable and tomato sauce.