Friday, 16 August 2013


This charming little piece is in the shape of a canterella, a delicious yellow mushroom I used to collect with my Dad when I was a child in Sweden.
 These little Gien egg cups are the perfect size to hold the tiny pansies that pop up in the lawn every year. My friend Julie gave me a pot of them when she and Bob came for lunch a few years ago and after planting them in the garden they have self seeded continuously ever since.  I take the complete plants out of the lawn to save them from Bob's mower!
Another holiday with many memories of Yorkshire and heavy rain to start with at Stratford upon Avon followed by the hottest summer for decades. We had beeen to Sheffield to see Rosi and Simon's graduation show while camping in the Hope valley and visited the site of the other battle that took place in 1066 at Stamford Bridge.
This is a lovely pale pottery jug I bought for Bob at a tiny shop in Reigate which amazingly is still there selling good quality tableware.
Bob's mum and dad bought us this set back from a holiday in Malta, I keep it on the windowsill in 'her' bedroom so she can see it when she visits us.