Wednesday, 21 August 2013


These 2 jugs from the Canterbury pottery have a lovely pale beige glaze with terracotta layers just showing through.  The smaller one is good for mixing vinaigrette dressing as long as I hold a cork tightly in the top! The big one is used for water (or wine!)
This pretty summery vase was brought back for me by Justine from her trip to Santorini many years ago.  I think she went inter-railing with friends so it's lucky to have survived the journey home!
This is the first of our boat mugs we bought in Fowey, one of our favourite sailing destinations.  It holds half a litre of tea and with it's wide base was ideal for using on passage as the tea stayed hot and was less likely to spill.
On another visit to Fowey we returned to the pottery and got to know the potter and to find all the other things he made. I think we left his shop this time laden with pots and plates having spent quite a lot of money too!
I also bought smaller coffee mugs and egg cups...
Another salad dressing jug and 2 salt cellars, one for the boat and one for home.  I kept all the Fowey pottery to use on the boat which was a bit impractical as it's quite heavy but a real pleasure to eat from.  It's all at home now and is used every day. When we lived in England I had a house number plate made too, with an image of a boat on it of course!