Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Following on from yesterday is another of my parents' wedding presents, this time a fish bowl from the Orrefors glass factory in Sweden.  I researched it on the internet and found out the date of manufacture and a bit of history about the range.
My parents had quite a lot of glassware including a set of 12 pint beer glasses, some still with their Orrefors labels on. Each glass has a different boat or nautical symbol engraved on the side. I also have a couple of heavy glass candle holders from the same factory.
Last year when Bob and I went to Sweden, one of our ambitions was to see the Orrefors factory and to buy something contemporary there. We found this lovely vase and bought it as a 40th anniversary present to ourselves. 
So, at last, the challenge is completed, 75 drawings in ink in 75 days.  It was quite a job to keep up with the work as some of the pictures are quite complicated but I enjoyed every minute.  I reported back to Brenda Swenson who set the challenge and she sent me my Artistic Licence which I'm very proud of!

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