Saturday, 21 September 2013


I have been sketching all the while posting the 75 day challenge and here are a few of my latest scribbles.  I have had so much fun in this coloured paper sketchbook that I wish I had tried it years ago. Maybe I wasn't yet ready for the challenge, needing to feel confident in drawing first before branching out, but now I feel free to do anything in my own way and my new Museum coloured pencils are so easy to use that I can't stop trying new styles!
I think I may have posted this marrow before but since adding the background it seems to have more impact.
A very impressionistic view of the garden next to the patio, it's so nice to sit there on a summer's afternoon and scribble to my heart's content!
Just to the right of the view above is the big buddlea that was invaded by butterflies this summer.  Impossible to ignore the fluttering of wings all day and I tried to photograph some of them when they settled and managed to identify about 8 species. I'll have to try and do a sketch of them all together one of these days!

We have a family of woodpeckersin the garden who feed on the ants in the lawn.  The youngsters are still a bit lazy about finding their own food and this one often sits in the sycamore tree and squawks to be fed although his parents usually ignore him!  I found one of their feathers in the garden recently with the lovely white markings along the side.