Saturday, 28 September 2013


Our friend Hervé has a wonderful fig tree in his garden and this year it is laden with fruit despite the long dry summer.  The leaves on the tree are such a  rich and luscious bright green that I want to pick some to draw too.  We spent a lovely afternoon  there recently, eating lunch and sharing a bottle of wine or two with Luba's daughter Anna, her grandaughters and a couple of charming French friends.
Later on Hervé came round with a huge bag of freshly picked figs for us so I decided to make some chutney.  I followed a recipe I found on the internet but when it was finished we decided it was far too sweet. Bob helped me to empty out all 12 jars and I remade it with a kilo of onions, a kilo and a half of apples and more spices. I now have about 20 jars of Fruity Fig Chutney!
One Saturday mornig Luba called to say she was making jam with more of the figs so I went round to give her a hand and also some labels I had made for her using the sketch here.  I scanned the drawing before doing the writing and used the mailing label programme in 'word' on windows.  Hervé brought us another bag full before going on holiday so we're eating our way through a couple more kilos!