Friday, 13 September 2013


My mum loved porcelain so much that when a friend offered to teach her how to paint it herself she jumped at the opportunity. Ever since my childhood when she painted me and my sisters fairy plates she kept up the practise, improving over the years.  She particularly loved to paint flowers and had an incredible eye for fine detail and even when her hands were crippled with arthritis she never gave up trying to perfect her dainty pictures.  All her friends and family were honoured with beautiful hand painted gifts and of course I have several on display and in cupboards.
This section from a Swedish plate has very strong childhood memories for me as it was always used for birthday cakes and other special occasions.  I particularly love the harebell motif as I collected the flowers as a child at our country cottage 60 years ago.
These coasters are in porcelain and very finely painted with views of Copenhagen which my parents often visited.  I wonder if they were a wedding present?
Joanna had them hanging as a set in her kitchen for a time but when she moved house they came back to me for safe keeping.  They are in a cupboard at the moment but maybe it's time for them to come out again!
This fine set of salad servers is part of the Wedgwood collection and were hidden at the back of the drawer till I brought them out to draw.  The silver needs polishing, a job Rene and I used to do together when she came to stay in the summer.