Tuesday, 10 September 2013


This is a very elaborately decorated cup and saucer which took quite a bit of work to get all the patterns correct and in perspective and don't forget the first line is in pen, no rubbing out!
I think I'm getting the hang of the ellipses at last and the curve at the front of the saucer looks odd but it is quite a deep one!
I love this little cup for the finely painted Swedish scenes on the cup and the saucer.
It was a bit difficult to get this scalloped edge looking right!
This set caused quite a bit of interest when I posted it on the daily Challenge facebook group page. I mentioned that it seemed odd that a souvenir from Guernsey should have been made in Germany but I had forgotten about the occupation during the war.  I was soon reminded and also told about a book written from a diary kept during the occupation called  'The Guernsey literary and potato pie society.' One of my generous 'friends' in America even offered to send me her copy in the post but I was able to download it onto my Kindle and read it while on holiday in Tenerife.
This is the last and the best of all the cups, a very fine bone china painted black with a fabulous gold painting on the cup and the saucer. I'm sure it must be worth something... but I wouldn't sell it anyway!