Thursday, 5 September 2013


Rene had custody of this pretty cup for 20 years after Mum died but decided to let me look after it when I collected the rest of them from Christopher who still had them in a storage box, never unpacked in 20 years and at least 3 house moves!  I put the whole collection together with the few I have and now they are all on my Welsh dresser for us to enjoy looking at.
An unusual colour but the painting on the front and saucer is very finely done.
 There's something about these blue cups that captivates me, I wonder if the 60 on the base of this one is it's year.
When I showed this sketchbook to my friend Kim she recognised this cup and a couple of the others as being in her family collections too!
One of these days I must try and get round to researching the origins and possible value of these cups on the internet!  Some of the manufacturer's names are quite well known so it shouldn't be too difficult.

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